Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Secret Suitor

Moving to our new house was a blessing in every imaginable way...more bedrooms, more space, more garden, fewer neighbors - just a very, very few of the reasons we are happier here.

When we moved, I had only one tiny twinge of regret - that I would have to leave my oriole behind. He used to sing to me from a large tree one street over from our old house, and his loud, clear song was a high point of my mornings. I can't help it - I have a thing for birds, almost an obsession.

In fact, silly as it may seem, it was an oriole that convinced me that this was the place for us. While we sat out back, talking with the owner about the potential sale, I heard an oriole in the woods, and I just knew that everything would be complete, that this was where we were supposed to be.

The oriole returned this spring, and made our yard part of his territory. He's pretty elusive and shy, keeping to the treetops as he makes the large circles around his perimeter. I had to do quite a bit of waiting before I could snap his photo.

Isn't he gorgeous?

Singing his heart out, just for me...


  1. Very cool! We've had quite a few robins hopping around our yard lately, but every time I try to sneak out and take a picture they fly off, so I really appreciate how you were able to capture these shots!

  2. beautiful. I have a thing for birds too. Orieles aren't al that common so you're pretty lucky to have this little guy singing for you!